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10/02/06 06:21
Cy Jones

Retirement visa

Is it possible to get a visa to retire in Vietnam? If so, what are the requirements? I am a U.S. citizen.
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Comment 1
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Greg Turner

I also want to know about vietnam retirement visa. I've looked around on the interent and maybe there is no such thing because I can't find it. Anyone got some other information?
Comment 2
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marc (1) from austin Texas
austin Texas
Thank author of this post/commentI`m ready to retire in Vietnam, , , , Ive been there many times, , not to kill people, , but to love the country.
Comment 3
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robert kennison

interested in retiring in vietnam. am us citizen and wife in vietnamese, living in america now. is it possible for me to own home there? worked as auto technician for most of life
Comment 4
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I am a US citizen with Evelyn my wife --we would like to retire in Vietnam --can we get Visa to do so? how to go about it?


Comment 5
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If you have any questions about a visa or what you need to get in or out of the us go to and they can answer your questions and give you the requirements you need.
Comment 6
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Sai Gon, Nha Trang
Thank author of this post/commentThere is no such thing as a retirement visa for Viet Nam.

Those who do retire here do so on a standard renewable tourist visa, and no you can not own property here.

Comment 7
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Your post makes no sense. What is a standard, renewable tourist visa? We have looked high and low and even contact Vietnam Embassy. They have never heard of a renewable tourist visa. Please provide more detail how to get it and of course how often it has to be renewed. Does one have to renew every thirty (30) days or how long?
Comment 8
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Mr. Chong

Mr. Morton how do I go about getting a standard renewable tourist visa?
Comment 9
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This article examines patterns of work and retirement in Vietnam based on two recent surveys of the elderly. Vietnam provides a unique context for addressing elderly labor force participation due to its transition from a socialist to a market economy. As expected, elderly persons are less likely to be working to the extent that they are older or sick, although there is little variation by socioeconomic status. There are, however, distinct patterns of work stoppage across employment sectors (agricultural, state, and nonstate), due in part to the nature of work in these sectors. The data permit measurements across time, including job switches from one sector to another, or to retirement. Most notably, the data demonstrate the strong outflow of elderly employees from the state sector. We discuss explanations for these findings, paying particular attention to Vietnamís recent history and social policies designed to facilitate the transition toward a market-based economy.

Comment 10
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Anne Marrinan

I am still very unclear as to whether Vietnam has a "Retirement Visa" program like Thailand and the Philippines? If they do, is there a website where i can view the eligibility criteria and get further information?

Comment 11
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Altur Misias

Greetings! I found a web page full of info on Vietname retirement. Hope it helps!
Comment 12
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So does the socialist view have some sort of security of tenure for the government employees? Most governments in the globe have a ploicy of framework that has many old people at the helm of leadership with enough experience in whatever field(s) they are in but with an equal amount of resisitance to change.

The shift to market economy in Vietnam is welcome, only if it fully addresses the participation of the older folks

Comment 13
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The attached Web Link would help and guide you on how to get a visa for Vietnam, not only for a retirement visa but for all kinds of visas. The site also offers assistance to all your queries.
Comment 14
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There is actually such a thing as a retirement Visa? I have no clue. This is truly a new finding to me, indeed.
Comment 15
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What is the most significant difference that there is between a regular Visa and a retirement Visa though?
Comment 16
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So there is this thing called retirement visa huh, I never heard of such kind of visa until now. Like curtis, I would like to know more about the difference between an ordinary or the regular visa and the retirement visa, is this kind of visa only for those who are retiring as it name implies?

Hmm.. I owuld like to know more about this stuff, have a good day everyone.

Comment 17
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You have the right thought about the matter Derwood. As the name implies, retirement visas are special visas for those who are retiring and would want to retire in a certain place in the world. Well, I do not know if there is such a program in Vietnam but some other countries in Asia are offering this program, like in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. but we can check the net for that.
Comment 18
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come home to the u.s. and find a state that is in expensive to live.

living in a foreign land with the ups and downs is no good for you or the wife.

vietnam is supposed to be ok and progressive but until someone gets an itch and decides , "change.

come home.

hows your son and daughter doing?

Comment 19
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"North America Consulting Co"

No retirement visas in Vietnam as of now. The VN government has gotten picky about many visas the past year and no retirement visas on the horizon. You can get a 3 month "Business visa" on request and usually renew it once in country. Then you can take a trip to PP or BKK and get another round upon return. This can be done indefinately. This isn't officially a work permit, but allows you to stay and "do business". They have been cracking down on people working without a permit but we all suspect that this will stop next year as the pool of available experienced foreigners shrinks. It IS getting rid of some of the chaff(scammers/drug biz), so in the end maybe not a bad idea by Vietnam.

Resident cards can be had with some assistance. They come in 1 and 3 year terms. Or you can start a company and get a 3 year visa. So still some options for long term stay here. Aloha.

Comment 20
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Thank author of this post/comment"Some Informationg"

Vietnam now open and welcome all travellers and business people to Vietnam. Thanks to that, getting visa to Vietnam now very easy and simple. There is a new way to get visa to Vietnam very simple and easy but rarely one know about it. That is getting "Visa approval letter" with code for picking up visa upon arrival Vietnam at international airport (Tan Son Nhat int'l airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Noibai int'l airport in Hanoi Capital city and Danang int'l airport in Danang city).

With simple and easy way for getting Vietnamese visa, why you do'nt take a trip to Vietnam for discovering the hidden charm of Vietnam, a beautiful country and friendly people.

Comment 21
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Montevideo, Uruguay
Thank author of this post/comment"Visa Approval Letter"

So how and where do you get this letter?
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